Whatsapp Whatsapp..!!!

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Hi!!!!!!! J J J How are you???? Can I add you to some Whatsapp groups?????

It starts with an innocent request for adding you to a group to discuss weekend plans. Next you know, you are getting added to a million and twelve thousand Whatsapp groups (“Lane no 5”, “Roll no 44 in school”, “We don’t believe in returning library books”, “Last bench dudes” – the list is endless), discussing everything from the colour of your clothes to food to opinions to being a lab rat for viewing a gazillion trip photos.

Then the notifications began pouring in. Day and night. Constantly pounding you to submission, hounding you for information. Good mornings, good days, good nights, good “scratch where it itches”, hideously long forwards, gigabit sized photos, recycled jokes, rumour-circulating messages predicting end of the world and whatnot.

Enough is enough!!!!

Everyone needs to curb their enthusiasm and rein in the proverbial equines. More often than not, everything under the sun gets discussed, rather the topic of the discussion itself. What could have been decided in 10 minutes drags on for hours, days and weeks on end. By the time the event occurs, you feel you know the exact genetic code of the people you have been chatting with. You also need to perhaps take a vacation to get away from all this. Or admit yourself into a rehab program.

It doesn’t end here. You are added to more groups, often with the same people involved across multiple groups. Ever heard of the term “familiarity breeds contempt”? And then it gets even trickier when all the far flung relatives and family members, including your parents want to get in to the act. You can’t even refuse.

I tried. It didn’t work.

Don’t even get me started on the video forwards. Cute babies, cuddly animals, people with amazing talents, funny acts of desperation. The list goes on. There is no end to this monstrosity.