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Singapore based Ms. Shalima Motial…loves new concepts, ideas, & start-up’s. With her newest idea ‘Piquor’ which is taking the love of ‘SELFIES’ a step further- Shalima tells us the how, when, who and what of ‘Piquor Kiosks’..!
Singapore is never short of entrepreneurs & ideas! Having launched her very first Piquor kiosk recently; Shalima also tells us the one person she would never be seen taking a ‘selfie’ with..!
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  • Sneh Sonthalia

    Shalima we r all so so proud of u. Piquor is an amazing and a beautiful idea.Hats off to u.Im totally inspired by your dedication again and again. You always surprise and teach us what hardwork and Dreaming can achieve.

    • Thank You so so very much :) Humbled !

      • Deepali

        Congratulations Shalima!
        Best Wishes for all your future endeavors!