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Bohemian Bollywood!

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Get ‘BOHO-CHIC’ today..! ‘Bohemian', a word that probably every fashion lover has heard… remember your friend saying “Hey girl love what u r wearing , it’s very boho”! I believe you now recollect this word; if not I will help you getting the look and have your friends tell you that. Let’s get to the real meaning of Bohemian, well in simple language it means’ comfort’. Bohemian is ‘freedom of movement’, capturing a very ’ relaxed’ and ‘comfort’ style, it is largely inspired from the fashion of hippie’s. Now the first thing that comes to mind when you say hippie…

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Polka Dots…!

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Hey all, welcome to our newly introduced column on Let’s think Aloud. IT’s not just an interesting read, but also has something in store for everyone. Get updated with.. and be a part of the GLAMOUR-world; get trending and know what’s the latest. We as a part of LTA, are going to talk about celebrity fashion trends, review them, pick one accessory and clothing that is the ‘IT’ trend of the season and talk about everything that’ll make you look glamorous and sexy. Today we will be talking about that one Bollywood actress who has fast become the quintessential style…

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