Priya sets the housemates straight in the Bigg Boss house

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Day 51 dawns with the few contestants still struggling to reach the finish line of the money task. While the contestants are unaware of the amount that they are holding on to, their conviction seems to be withering away to shreds with every passing second. Unsure of how longer they will have to hold on to the rope in order to regain the lost money, the housemates are debating on whether or not to give up on the money task.

‘Tension kaayko lene ka’ plays as the wake up song and the housemates, tired from the task, drag their feet out of the bed while some try to match steps to the song. Priya Malik, the newly appointed captain of the house, summons a house meeting to put a few orders in place. Priya brings up the fact that Rimi is the only one who has been doing the dishes all this while and that everyone will now have to wash their own plates and cutlery going forward. Rochelle says that she agrees with Priya and it is unfair that Rimi has to do all the dishes unless someone is unwell. At this point, Kishwer intervenes and says that if Mandana can leave her dishes unwashed and give futile reasons, everybody has a right to do so. Mandana takes it in the wrong way and retorts by saying that she only left her dishes unwashed when she was unwell. Rochelle tries to calm Mandana down, but to no avail.

Tension-kaayko-lene-ka-2Seizing the opportunity, Kawaljeet narrates an incident when he had requested Mandana to cook some food for him but she refused to oblige his request. Mandana defends herself by saying that it is her personal choice and she is not very fond of Kawaljeet to cook for him. Rochelle sides her and displays her loyalty towards Mandana. When the so-called “meeting” loses its direction, Keith comes to their rescue and says that while the housemates must respect Kawaljeet’s age and he must also give a help hand in the household chores. Priya also states that if the housemates are henceforth caught breaking any rules, they will be delegated more work and on this note she adjourns the meeting.

Tension-kaayko-lene-ka-3After the meeting, Rochelle tries to explain to Mandana that she must improve the way she talks to others inside the house. While she agrees with Mandana’s point that Suyyash and Kishwer are trying to snuggle their way into Priya’s good books, she also tries to show Mandana a more balanced perspective. Mandana further says that she does not agree with Priya’s ways of handling things. Keith interrupts this conversation and explains to Mandana that how her approach needs to be more neutral and she should not be ruled to others all the time.

Later, Kishwer and Priya tell Rochelle that it reflects badly on Rochelle when she supports Mandana for every wrong thing that she does. Rochelle claims that while she explains Mandana her faults in a separate conversation, she does not want her friend to go down in public. Rochelle also admits that she has a soft corner for Suyyash and no matter how mad she gets at him, she cannot remain angry at him after a point. Rochelle also says that she shares a great bond with Mandana and has a soft corner for her as well.