SIFA: Drag Queen Kumar on ‘Kumar’s Living Together’

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The Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) commences soon on Aug 6th..! The theme for this year being; ‘POST-EMPIRES’; the festival has a lot of acts & performances from across the globe. Of course; we spoke to Singapore’s very own product & favourite stand-up comedian & drag queen, ‘KUMAR’ ahead of his act for the SIFA; ‘Kumar’s Living Together’.

Kumar’s Living Together is a series of live stand-up comedy performances rooted in Singapore’s multi-racial and multi-national housing landscape. Fronted by the witty and biting Kumar, these performances delve into issues that affect Singaporeans in the most personal and intimate of settings – their own homes.

An afternoon filled with laughter talking about ‘Kumar’s Living Together’, had an exclusive conversation with ‘Kumar’

Come join Kumar on:

6, 8, 13, 15 August, 8.00pm
HDB estates across Singapore
(1h, no intermission)