Sassy Home (Owners) Episode 6 with Theepa

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Here we go with the final episode for this season of Sassy Home (Owners) Singapore. #sassyhomesg

What we hadn’t covered this season were HDB’s. Airy homes, large spaces (bigger than condos at times)

Well we had @Theepa who very warmly opened the doors for us just before we went into this circuit breaker!

Highlights: Corridor ceiling, dining area, hidden corners & cupboards….AND the master bathroom ! Click to watch it!

A HUGGEE thank you to all our partners for this season !! So glad you all came on board with your beautiful products on display!! Much love & truly appreciate it!:)

The Curator
The Tea Story
Neela Kane-Kale for our SASSY TIP of the week!
Kala Drishti Singapore

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And if you thought this is the end, well, yes for the time being; but this weekend we are starting SOMETHING NEW this weekend and I shall be going LIVE later in the week to tell you about it:) So stay tuned.!

For now, sit tight at home, stay healthy, count your blessings, pray for our migrant brothers & be well!!

Enjoy !
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