‘MOM’ the film reviewed..!

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MOM the film… Reviewed

When a legendary star-cast plays a brilliantly written script, directed by a someone with a novel and an artistic perspective, a film like MOM is born.

Instead of a single protagonist and a single antagonist, MOM has three protagonists played by Akshaye Khanna, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Sridevi. This trio of the actors who share a common passion for their craft has literally woven real magic into the fabric of the film.

Although the basic theme of the film is not exactly unique or unheard of, the story is written with such a fresh approach that the whole theme seems to be newly invented. With Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s unexpected character assists the unanticipated actions of Sridevi’s character, even the silences in the movie start reciting verses for the audience.

The Director Ravi Udyawar brings his extensive visualization and artistic illustration experience along with himself, thereby presenting the film through some never-before-seen storytelling techniques.

Right from the very beginning, the film cuts out all the unnecessary aspects and delves directly into the plot in the first few minutes itself. The directorial excellence is vividly visible right from the beginning and we start to witness the sweet merging of artistic vision with entertainment acumen.

Even during those scenes that the audience might have seen before in numerous films, they will certainly be glued to their seats only to watch the unique portrayal of the most usual happenings.

The special directorial attractions in the film are the perfectly crafted shots wherein a very simple object serving as a symbol, not only connects the audience with the character in question but also mimics the emotional state of that character.

A welcome change in the film is the closest, most realistic, dramatized portrayal ever of the Indian Judicial system. Instead of random arguments that might appeal to the eyes and ears, real arguments based on actual law and rules of procedure in the court are displayed in the film. Yet this display is just as entertaining and intriguing as the remainder of the entire film.

 This film is definitely not a typical, cheesy, cliched Bollywood thriller. This is a real goldmine of its genre and hence the film is most certainly a must, must watch by all.

Neeraj S.K.