Nagesh Kukunoor & Priya Bapat on City of Dreams

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Nagesh Kukunoor & Priya Bapat on City of Dreams: Season 2
If you haven’t seen #CityofDreams SEASON 2 on Hotstar, watch it first before u watch this interview! You will not regret it, I promise!
Well, this interview ….Laughter, honest confessions and loads of inside jokes…pretty much summed up our entire conversation!
It is the first ever interview together of #PriyaBapat & #NageshKukunoor
Nagesh Kukunoor, the magic weaver and as Priya puts it ‘an amazing teacher’ along with Priya Bapat who has evolved into a sensational artist; bring us closer, very candidly, behind the scenes of the City of Dreams.
Fun trivia during the making, crazy incidents, the scene where the entire unit clapped..!
A politically incorrect segment…& Oh yes..there is a special section on how much Marathi Nagesh learnt eventually..🙂
These 40 minutes will definitely make you watch / rewatch City of Dreams..!! Hope you enjoy it!