Bigg Boss 10: Day 52: Gaurav and Bani’s friendship reaches a red signal

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After living a day full of traffic, fines and fights, the contestants wake up to the tunes of ‘Chakke Mein Chakka, Chakke Pe Gaadi’. And soon enough, the drama begins! Complaining about Rohan and Sahil, Mona tells Priyanka that they broke a rule by running outside the bedroom after the task re-commenced. When Rohan refuses to pay up, Priyanka gets annoyed and spits at him. Taken aback by Priyanka’s behaviour, Rahul and Lopamudra tell her to behave herself. Not appreciating Lopa’s interference, Priyanka asks her to pay the fine. But Lopa tells her that all her points have been stolen.



Expressing how much captaincy means to her, Nitibha uses emotional atyachaar to sway Manveer and get his points. Bani gets upset with Gaurav as he refuses to pay her the amount that she asks for, even walking away when he tries to explain himself. Noticing their fight, Priyanka tells Gaurav to pay a fine for making her driver, Bani, cry. When Gaurav tells Priyanka to call Bani to resolve the matter, she lashes out at him saying that he is not the King of the house and cannot play with people’s emotions. But Bani rakes in the sympathy from everyone. Exasperated with Priyanka’s nagging, Bani walks away from the task.

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Later in the day, Manveer and Gaurav try to decipher Bani’s behaviour. Gaurav confesses that he often ends up in trouble because she expects a lot from their friendship. Hearing this, Mona advises Gaurav to talk to Bani. But, this only results in another argument because Gaurav doesn’t give her notes of 20 points each. Quite furious with Bani’s behaviour, Gaurav walks away in a huff after giving her all his points.

Unable to fathom that Lopa has lost all her points, Priyanka starts interrogating Lopa, even warning her that she will give her a tough time if it’s revealed that she has hidden it. And, changing the game altogether, Gaurav helps Priyanka by telling her about the spot where Lopa has hidden her points.  Annoyed with Gaurav, Lopa lashes out at him. Even Rahul gets upset with Gaurav and blames him for giving too much power to Priyanka. Upset with the turn of events, Lopa confesses to Rohan that she was hoping to become the captain, but lost because of Gaurav. Priyanka threatens to put Lopa in jail because she doesn’t have any points left. And, to save her, Rahul and Rohan give Lopa some of their points.

As the day comes to a close, Bigg Boss puts an end to the task and. Who amongst the contestants will win a chance to fight for captaincy?