Zombie Trivia Quiz | Nikhil Mahajan | BETAAL

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Zombie Trivia Quiz with director Nikhil Mahajan.
So this Circuit breaker, we all did watch and binge watch crazy amount of movies, series, shows, and we have to admit that Indian content has taken a huge leap in content creation in recent times.
So here’s an interview series by Lets Think Aloud to bring to you some of the names associated with a few of the movies / series that I thought made a notable impact!!
Continuing from Part 1 with #NikhilMahajan (Director of the series #BETAAL on #NETFLIX); here is part 2 of the interview..!
A fun ‘ZOMBIE TRIVIA quiz’ that we grilled Nikhil on; and that u can take as well if you are a fan of this crazy fiction phenomena!
Hope u have fun..! Drop in a line and tell us which series had a great impact, or you absolutely loved watching; and tell us who is it you would like to see interviewed.
(the interview was recorded during our complete lockdown days when this show had just released)
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