Why should we get ‘Freaky’ with ‘FREAKY ALI’?

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So ‘Freaky Ali releases in 2 days & we in Singapore are lucky to get to watch this film..!

Some interesting facts you should know:

-‘Khan Brothers’ have a winner at hand with this one..! Brilliant script & storyline, simple but real production values; and most importantly its amazing to have a film such as this, from the ‘Khan kitty’

-Never have we seen Nawazuddin Siddique play a role as this with such ease, fluidity & he’s all set to tickle our funny bones with his outstanding comic timing.

– Salman Khan read the script & loved it & decided to produce it!

-Salman recently said ‘Nawazuddin jo hai Salman banta ja raha hai’!

– Nawazuddin’s ‘Chaadi’ dialogue is an absolute WINNER..! you cannot miss it!!!!

-Some very cool breezy songs in the film:Check out ‘Parinda’- you will love it!

-Would be something to watch Nawazuddin to play the unconventional romantic hero in the film as well!

-Nawazuddin says ‘Arbaaz Khan’ has some amazing ‘one liners’ in real life and hence, his chemistry with him doing comedy in the film was very easy due to that!

– CHECK OUT THE TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sT6ywcPNTWk

Be there Singapore..! Its good scripts like these with a fabulous cast that make good cinema!

Releasing Sep 9th at Golden Village & Screens of Bombay Talkies!