Sunil Grover: The Man who knows how to make us laugh..!!

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Dr. Mashoor Gulati said “I am not a doctor …I am an Institition..” 
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sunilSunil Grover…. The Man who knows how to make us laugh..!!
After persevering through a long and hard journey, during which he made millions laugh at his jokes and at times at him too, he has now become a role model for all the aspiring comedians of India.
Popularly known as Dr. Mashoor Gulati and immensely famous for the character of Gutthi, Sunil Grover is the comedy sensation not only on television but also in the movies.
A highly creative artist who holds a masters degree in performing Arts, Sunil Grover has made memorable, every single role he played, regardless of the screen time or airtime alloted.
Yes, I just said airtime. That’s because Sunil Grover started off as a Radio Jockey and is the voice behind the super funny character of Sudden in Hansi ke Phuwanre.
Sunil Grover’s unique quality is that he makes you laugh not only with jokes but he also uses all his performing talents like his voice, his mannerisms and his expressions​ to make you laugh. He lives the characters he plays, to the fullest and that makes the audience forget that he is Sunil Grover and not the character being portrayed. 
The people of  Singapore have this wonderful opportunity to laugh till their stomachs can take it no more as the master of Comedy is all set to perform in our beautiful Country.
Do not miss this chance to extend your life by a few thousand years as laughter is most certainly the best antioxidant. Probably. Maybe…. 😉