Sassy Home (Owners) Singapore Ep 1

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LetsThinkAloud : Sassy Home (Owners) Singapore
With RJ Himani in some cool, sassy homes !

They say a home reflects a personality.

The very moment u step in the place u will eventually call home, u envision and visualise how it would be adorned, built, beautified and nurtured!

On LetsThinkAloud with Sassy homes of Singapore; RJ Himani visits a few pads on the island and brings to you ‘sassy home owners’ who not only talk of their dream of building an abode for themselves, but give us a beautiful tour of it too!!

Get ready for a convivial tete-a-tete with some quirky, fun & hospitable guests talking about: The how’s, why’s, when’s, if’s and but’s behind some of Singapore’s stunning personal spaces..& the secrets on creating them!

Come, lets meet Upi Kapur in Singapore in her very lavish space.

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