RJ TALK: Ta…Ta…TARANA….!!!!!

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Primarily an RJ, TARANA RAJA is also an actress, TV Anchor, dancer with oodles of talent, a fabulous gift of the gab which of course is the reason for her profession; a very likable quality about her & she is a spunky ‘livewire’ to say the least…!!!
Be careful what you wish for; it might miraculously come true & I am delighted at this wish of mine ringing a bell in my inbox..! Always admired her as an RJ; a chance encounter on a social networking site- besotted me enough to set up an interview with this very sought after RJ / Radio DJ.
She has been in Mumbai for several years before moving to Dubai with her co-jock Jaggu & set the airwaves alive with their tremendous energy and camaraderie..!
This is the vivacious Tarana Raja- Thinking Aloud….! Some peole & interviews just inspire you to do good work….This is one of them..! Click it & Enjoy..!