River Nights 2015 (Saturday, October 23rd – 31st 2015)

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Relax and play the nights away at Empress Place and Boat Quay! River Nights celebrates the Singapore River’s changing identity through the years –from vital trading artery in the colonial past to the current magnet for locals and visitors, drawn to its history and the colourful nightlife after sunset. Enjoy night-time extravaganzas of local and international art installations, a unique façade light and sound show, and a host of live outdoor performances by the historic Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall. In a special evening preview of Little Room of Wandersby Hermès,discover enchanting curiosities, ingenious mechanisms, and rare albums and paintings from the eclectic collection of Emile Hermès. Experience the revitalisation of the Empress Place precinct as a creative playground for both artists and visitors.’