Reviewed: Terminator-Genisys

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Every time you watch a ‘Terminator’ movie, you think that this is the best they can do it and then they come up with something better. ‘Terminator-Genisys’, the latest addition to the ‘Terminator Movie Franchise’, is no exception.

Along with the usual machine versus human action, this part also takes us to a deeper philosophical level of machine-human bonding which takes the original ‘Terminator’s (Arnold’s)’ character to a whole new level of maturity. But even that is done in an unconventional, bullets-and-blasts kind of manner.

The writing also seems to have matured along with the Terminator character. Unlike the previous Terminator series, the writers have managed to place moments of pun in the movie that would make you laugh out real loud. Yet this comedy is placed and treated in such a manner that it does not hurt the main focus of the film that is heavy action.

With reference to this heavy action, the director and cinematographer have done a wonderful job of utilising the 3D technology to its fullest. It is brilliant to the effect that this movie can set an example / benchmark on how 3D is to be done! The animated 3D rendering of the nuclear attack and the post attack scenario will certainly make you dig deeper into your own conscience and think twice about the nuclear arms race that dictates the international society today.

The writing in this part is also probably aimed at making the whole concept of time-traveling, killer-machines a little simpler for the audience. A quite successful attempt has been made to demystify the complexities of previous Terminator movies; making the whole series simpler to understand. With a swinging and twisting plot, the audience will be in a state of awe and surprise throughout the movie. The storyline proceeds in totally unexpected and unanticipated way thus keeping the viewers glued to their seats, and yet on the edge, throughout the feature presentation.

The Camera is used in such a creative and innovative manner that the already perfect scenes become even more lively and relatable.

If you go to watch this movie, sit through the end credits….as there is a surprise element waiting for you.

So hold tight and expect a joyride filled with awe, surprise, satisfaction, content and a greater understanding of yourself; and the consequences of your actions on your tomorrow.

By Neeraj S. K.