Reviewed: Jurassic World

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A Dinosaur Movie About Human Emotions

Jurassic world is one of those rare movies that I could not (rather should not) critically appraise based on conventional areas of filmmaking like direction, writing, acting, etc., as this movie goes way beyond established conventions.

Along with a futuristic portrayal of the genetics technology, which is highly advanced already; the movie also dives into the depth of human psyche to rediscover the virtues that are nearly lost in the present business -oriented world.

Hence as the movie is unconventional, this review is also based on unconventional topics rather than regular filmmaking.


Genetic Engineering/ Bio-hacking: –

As the whole ‘Jurassic series’ movie franchise is based on the ability of humans to bring back the extinct species of ‘Dinosaurs’, I expected the makers to go in depth of this complex subject and make it simple for the layman.

‘Jurassic World’ though is based on deep theoretical biological principles; it fails to go deeper into the science. Instead of writing the film in a way that scientific knowledge will spread along with entertaining the audience; the makers chose to prey on the ignorance of the audience and keep the scientific blabber as short as possible, making the central plot seem little unrealistic.

Due to this lack of clarification, they could also give the dinosaur ‘any’ kinds of abilities that suited the script well.

Yet they have made a point to show the public what kind of genetic developments are coming into being in the real world and what will soon, possibly be the outcome of these developments.

Their portrayal of the negative use of bio-hacking, or genetic engineering in simple terms, gives a very profound idea of risks involved in such research.


Compassion v/s. Corporation: –

The greatest struggle in today’s world is the struggle between environmentalists and corporations. This struggle in ‘Jurassic World’ is brilliantly portrayed, striking a balance between the two.

While the movie points out at the obvious truth that without corporations, futuristic scientific research will never be possible, it also points out that being brutally practical and selfishly money-oriented is not what it means to be a corporation.

The movie points out, that in the end, it is the balance of corporation and compassion that will always win; may it be the dinosaur world or the human world.


Symbolism/Metaphors: –

The most note-worthy part of the movie is symbolism. The movie is filled with symbolism and metaphors that, while take the story ahead, also provoke you to explore deeper inside of you and find the true you.

The multi-millionaire owner of the best corporations in this world, is a happy-go-lucky, highly compassionate, respectful, loving and caring man, played by ‘Irrfan Khan’, is the symbol for a balance of materialistic ambitions and spiritual aspirations.

The genetically engineered dinosaur, that is coked in a lab, and raised in isolation that ultimately becomes a killing machine set loose, is the symbol for our quest of supremacy by amassing power of all sorts. Such a quest not only leaves us lonely and isolated, but also makes us forget all the feelings of sympathy and compassion inside us.

The various relationships in the movie also symbolize either the balance of two extremes to create a productive center, or the necessity of sensitivity; and love to live a fully accomplished life.


Relationships: –

The nature and portrayal of the relationships in the movie are quite typical but the blending of typical portrayal with the atypical thrill of dinosaurs makes this this effort creatively unique.

Relationships amongst humans are shown to be between two extremes, usually two persons who hate each other totally. But they are then united by their adventurous quest against the dinosaurs, revealing unto themselves, the sides of their personality that they themselves were unaware about.

An interesting portrayal is of the relationship between a human and a dinosaur. Animals breaking the bonds of natural instinct and taking well thought actions like human beings, has been shown in many movies before, but this movie has done something uniquely different on these lines. ‘Jurassic World’ literally claims that love and compassion can even bridge the gap between two species divided by hundreds of centuries and which have never coexisted before. The movie portrays the possibility of an emotional connection between human beings and dinosaurs, just like one amongst a dog and a man, if dinosaurs happen to come into existence today.

Whereas with regards to humans, the movie shows that regardless of years of conditioning to be practical and business oriented, the instinct to protect one’s loved ones, can make them do the impossible.


Exploitation of the 3D technology: –

Considering that the previous ‘Jurassic movies’ felt so alive, in 2D, I expected an adventure ride of thrill with extremely raised heartbeats in ‘Jurassic World’. But I was thoroughly disappointed with the effects. Do not get me wrong. The animation is first class, the graphics are perfect, and the detailing of dinosaurs is as close to perfection as it can ever be.

But still, it fell short of the element of thrill, which could have been easily achieved with the technology that offers you a whole dimension new depth (3D).

With the dimension of depth at their disposal, the makers could have made the movie to be an extremely thrilling and scary ride into the world of the Jurassic era, but that would probably not have gone very well with the way the movie is treated in an emotionally focused manner.

Previous movies in this series, had an awe-inspiring footage in it that kept your eyes bulged out of their sockets through out the movie. But the ‘Jurassic World’ does nothing of that sort to our eyes. This movie on the other hand, may bring salt water to our eyes at some moments but no fear or thrill can be expected from it.

All in all, if you are going to the movie expecting the typical dinosaur movie, in which chunks of human flesh goes flying in the air and where dinosaurs play catch with it, then kindly do not watch this movie.

But on the other hand, if you are ready for an experience of a lifetime that will force you to think beyond the barriers of traditional conditioning, and which forces you to look deeper into yourself and in the transactions that you make in the world, then please do not miss this movie.

Final verdict being ‘Jurassic World’ is not a movie… It is an experience. So expect to come out a different person at heart than what you were when you went in.


By Neeraj S. K.