Review: Tanu Weds Manu Returns

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Tanu Weds Manu Returns-A Much Awaited Treat

‘Tanu weds Manu Returns’ is a composition of highly unlikely and hypothetical events that end on a very very believable and realistic note. The film, which is a sequel of the film, ‘Tanu weds Manu’, starts with a bizarre setting at a mental asylum, four years into the marriage of ‘Tanuja Trivedi-Tanu’ and ‘Manoj Sharma-Manu’. The film is filled with many such bizarre settings, and somewhat obvious, yet highly entertaining twists, which makes every scene in the film as pleasurable and satisfying as a shot of tequila with a pinch of salt and a slice of lime. With a brilliant screen writing and wonderfully humorous story, the fast paced film keeps you tightly glued to your seats the whole time with frequent uncontrolled laughter provoked by silly jokes that you otherwise would not laugh to.

A very impressive plot, well knitted sub-plots and parallel story lines that compliment and supplement the central story; woven around brilliantly written characters; are only few of the attractions in the film for those who are creatively inclined. Wisely written roles and skilled use of tangent characters and side roles have given the storyline and screenplay, a cutting edge.

In the lead character of ‘Manu’, ‘R. Madhvan’ has played a very believable and relatable role. A very deep feeling of sympathy is felt by all in the audience, for Manu; such is his talent. In the second and third lead, of ‘Tanu’ and Tanu’s doppelgänger, ‘Kusum’, is ‘Kangana Ranaut’. She has played these two completely contrasting characters with such grace and perfection that her role in the film ‘Queen’, no more seems like a big deal. Facial expressions of both ‘Madhavan’ and ‘Kangana’ are just brilliant and seem extremely natural. In the tangent characters of ‘Chintu’ and ‘Pappi’ are the actors ‘Mohammat Zeeshan Ayub’ and ‘Deepak Dobrial’ respectively. These two actors deserve a special round of applause for their fantastic performance. Without the two of them, the movie would have been a boring narrative of a broken marriage.

A comparatively unique feature of the dialogues in this film is that the lead roles have very frequent and long vocal silences and the tangent characters and side roles are the ones who mostly do all the talking. The dialogues are so beautifully written that almost each one of them is worth an ovation. Slang and regional tongue of two to three regional languages of India are blended in such a way as to create a humorous yet emotionally appealing collection of literary perfection.

The director ‘Anand Rai’ should get a hats-off for handling such complex writing with such ease and simplicity. The direction and the writing of ‘Himanshu Sharma’ greatly complement each other and that is one of the major reasons of such powerful impact of the film. Most of the shots have been shot in close-ups, giving much needed justice to the perfectly natural-looking facial expressions of the actors. Introduction of ‘Tanu’s’ doppelgänger, ‘Kusum’ and the striking contrast between the character of ‘Kusum’ and ‘Tanu’, has brought forth in the perfect flow by the director and the editor. Songs have been placed in such appropriate places in the story, that the songs seem to be a part of the film and do not seem out of place or forced for appealing specific audience. Background music is a little loud and different than the usual kind, but it supports the direction and writing in the way it should.

All in all, ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ is a must watch by all regardless of your generation, gender, liking and inclination. The film is set to be a grand success not just at the box office but in the hearts of the viewers too.

The thought of a standing ovation will cross the mind of every single member of the audience, when the first half concludes and interval is declared, and also when the second half concludes and the movie ends. In fact I actually heard soft clapping and appreciative whistling coming from a few people in my row when the movie ended.