– Why do people love taking the ‘SELFIES’ on their phones?

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– Why do people love taking the ‘SELFIES’ on their phones? Is is just convenience of taking a self pic or plain vanity or something else?? What do u think?? THINK ALOUD!!:)

  • batao batao!

  • Bhavna

    well i can think of three Thinkaloud reasons ;-
    1) If I am alone and not with a group then it saves me the embarrassment to ask public to click my pic outside a monument/or scenic backdrop .. a selfie does the trick and puts me on instagram looking cool ;)) later maked theat a profile pic hahahhaha..
    2) Very woman thing – instead of checking the mirror i can take a selfie to check myself out !!
    3) lets me get creative with poses and i can be my own fashion photographer (click myself traveling /in powder rooms / with non speaking entities like food and cool cocktails ;)))

  • Mayur Sule

    Selfies is the proof that smartphones and internet have made people so alone that they don’t find a friend who can take a picture.

    Sad but true