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How do u detox / lose the calories post a festive season..? What’s ur trick? Share & care…!

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After a festive season- happy moments & memories are overshadowed by a tingling worry of all the delicious calories that we gorged on! As much as we don't think much of it while we celebrate; we fret about it about when it's all over..! Cmon ya...lets help each other lose that flab & give your tips on detox..! kaise lose karoge calories? Crash diet, swim & jog, green tea, or liters of water?? What's ur trick??

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Live Performances…Kise Dekhna Chahoge?

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Hidden Gems are everywhere...!  Which artist / celebrity / performer would u like to see perform 'live' on stage? Could be anyone...singer, stand up comedian, dancer, actor....let ur imagination fly high & then Think Aloud! C'mon...we all have ideas we want to share...& 'The Arena' is just the place to do that & show you care...!

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